What is Rosemary’s Floral & Gift? It is really K’s Variety and Rosemary’s Garden located in Fosston, MN. The name change is explained below in depth but the main priority is to combine two businesses into one.

Here’s the deal. Owner and Manager Kay Balstad originally bought Keiths Ben Franklin back in 2000 at the time the franchise Ben Franklin was in bankruptcy and Kay would have needed to dole out a lot of money for a name that would not hold much weight in the near future. Based on that assumption Kay decided to forgo the franchise name but she also had to make a split second  decision on what to call the store and K’s Variety was born. Simple and straight to the point the name worked at the time. Over the years the store has morphed from a variety store into more of a gift, clothing,childrens, fabric, and home goods store- but it still has a lot of variety.

Seven years ago Kay also purchased Kohler floral from Rayome Kohler who was retiring 2002. The floral shop had a few locations in the Fosston business area before Kay converted an area of K’s Variety into the floral shop. In the mean time Kohler Floral had become Rosemary’s Garden – Kay’s middle name is Rosemary. Currently there are two businesses located in one building owned and operated by one person. So now the naming decision has come back into play.

What do we call these two businesses that we want to just be one? We are trying out Rosemary’s Floral and Gift because it combines aspects of the two businesses and hopefully provides a more accurate description of what the business offers.

There are many treasures and gifts located in the store and we are excited to try out a new form of reaching our customer base. The items that will be presented and promoted on our blog and twitter feed are just a small example of the items for sale in our store. Please enjoy! Thank You.

Here is a History of our building below: 

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